Carrie Hann - Missionary to Palawan 






Providence Seventh-Day Adventist Church is supporting Carrie Hann in her service to the Palawan people. 


Carrie is a nurse and has been serving the Palawan people since 2012. The Palawan project is located in the mountains of Palawan and is only accessible by air or by foot. The clinic provides medical care for thousands of people throughout the mountains. Her desire is to show the Palawano people Jesus’ love through treating their physical diseases and to lead them to the True Physician.   

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Palawan News
June 2020

Dear Friends and Family,


I am in my house swatting many gnats as write this. Rainy season is in full swing here now and so the mosquitoes, gnats, scorpions, and Aruka flower are also out in force. The Aruka flower is reddish, pink flower on tall stem. The unique thing about them though is that they smell like something died. They grow are all over the place, so there is rotten smell in the air in many places. wondered the other day if my cats had left dead rat somewhere or if it was the flower because it really smells that bad. Yes, the rain has been really nice and has cooled things down lot, but it also has brought some not-so-enjoyable things with it.

An exciting thing that has been happening here right now is blessing that has come from COVID19! Since our church was not able to meet, we started small groups instead. About 20 groups meet several times throughout the week. We meet for prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, vespers Friday night and then spend large part of the day together on Sabbath. common theme we have been hearing in relation to these groups is that there are people willing to come to the groups that wouldn't or are not willing to come to church. Praise God! It is exciting to see God working and to watch Him turn this crisis into blessings.

Each of the groups is tasked to find way to reach out and help someone during the week. For us, this has involved cleaning up around an elderly man's house and replacing part of roof for widow. My group consists of two sisters with their husbands and children, and two single young people and myself. On Sabbaths we meet in the morning and sing, share, and study the Bible together. Then we have potluck and hang out for while before we sing and study again. After that the group splits up and goes to three
other villages and does groups there. It has been such blessing as we fellowship together and watch the Holy Spirit working. God is using
this time to strengthen members, to increase their witness in the community, and to reach more people. God has promised that His
word will not return to Him void and so am claiming that promise! Please remember these groups in your prayers—that through them God will bring true revival and recommitment to our church members and that many new believers will be added. "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts." Zech. 4:6

Last week we went on house call to visit lady that has lost her sight. The village was several hours from Kamantian. Part of the hike was on ridge that gave marvelous view into the mountains and out over the lowlands. Since then have been feeling such burden for the villages farther out. There are so many that haven't yet heard, and as we are doing the small groups here and seeing how people are more comfortable attending them, feel like this is what we need to happen all through these mountains. My prayer is that our church members will catch this vision and have this burden for the rest of their people. Please pray with me that laborers will be raised up that can reach the many people that have yet to hear!

As far as the impact of COVID-19, things are opening up bit. Officials were planning to open up more, but then we had several confirmed cases here on the island, so they put some restrictions back in place. We are still praying for God's protection over our people here in the mountains. There was positive case in small town near us in the lowlands, but praise God, none here so far that we know of! 

Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers! May God bless you and keep you!

Love, Carrie

Carrie Hann
c/o Kent George
5305 Brooke's Point
Palawan, Philippines